5 Yoga Moves to Strengthen Your Body for Birth

Are you an expectant mom? If you’re preparing for the birth of your child, practicing yoga may help strengthen your body. If you’re interested in strengthening your core muscles, which will make childbirth a more easy experience, only continue reading to discover specific yoga moves which will help strengthen your body for birth.

Yoga moves to strengthen your body for birth:

1. The bridge pose

The bridge pose is ideal for strengthening your core. To safely perform the bridge pose while pregnant, carefully lie down on your side and then roll onto your back. Lie on your back is making sure that your arms are relaxed. Then move your feet closer to your body and bend your knees. Next, position your body into the bridge pose by lifting your buttocks and back off the floor. Ensure to keep your shoulders, neck, and head glued to the floor. Hold the bridge pose for a few seconds.

2. The tree pose

The tree pose, which strengthens your leg muscles as well as your core, is a simple yoga pose to master. In a standing position directly raise one leg and place the bottom of your foot on the inside of your thigh. To help you keep your balance come to your hands in front of your chest and clasp them in a praying position. Once you’re in the tree position, take a deep breathe in, before exhaling and letting the air out of your lungs.

3. Child’s pose

Child’s pose is a relaxing pose which can be completed throughout the duration of your pregnancy. To complete child’s pose only kneel on your knees and then bend your body and arms forward until your arms are stretched out in front of you, and your face and torso are horizontal to the floor. While child’s pose may not test your core muscles like the bridge pose or your balance like the tree pose, child’s pose is perfect for strengthening your body and increasing your flexibility.

4. The butterfly pose

The butterfly pose is ideal for expectant mothers as it reinforces both your inner thighs and your pelvic floor. To get into the butterfly pose position sit on a yoga mat and clasp your feet in front of you, so that the soles of your feet, touch each other. Place your hands on either side of each foot. Hold the butterfly pose for a few seconds before unclasping your feet and stretching your legs out in front of you.

5. The warrior pose

The warrior pose strengthens your legs and arms as well as your core muscles. To complete the warrior pose only stand with your feet a few feet apart. Next, turn your right foot out 90 degrees and move your left foot inwards slightly. Next extend your arms out to the side of the body at shoulder level. Lastly, bend your right knee to around 90 degrees, ensuring that your knee stays positioned over your ankle. Once you’ve held this position for 30 seconds, provide to switch sides for optimal benefits.

So what are you waiting for if you’re an expectant mother and are looking for an easy way to strengthen your body ahead of child birth, it is well worth trying out the five yoga poses listed above. Yoga can help you loose weight after birth. Here’s the link to weight loss yoga for beginners at home – yogaathome.org